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April 25, Tuesday, 6pm: Friends of the Miners Park Board & Member Meeting @Rigoni’s, Ironwood, MI. (Arrive early if ordering food.)

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Deer Management Bow Hunt starts Oct 1 in Miners Park

The Deer Management Bow Hunt starts in the Miners Memorial Heritage Park and other properties Thursday, October 1st.

The Friends of the Miners Park recommend using the Miners Park walking trails between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Visitors to the Miners Park should wear hunter orange/bright clothing if you venture in the Miners Park between a half hour before sunrise to 10 a.m. and from 2 p.m. to a half hour after sunset. Continue reading “Deer Management Bow Hunt starts Oct 1 in Miners Park”

The Friends of the Miners Memorial Heritage Park, the Western U.P. Trail Association and the Western U.P SnowShakers – GRTA agreed in August to mark and sign trails, establish a park speed limit, and set motorized trail hours in the Miners Park for designated trails.

Also note the Landfill Fence Trail (in yellow) does not exist. The walking trail past the Old Cottonwood tree is not open to ORVs as the tree’s root system is very shallow and susceptible to damage.

150914 ORMTR FInal Map (annotated)

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Update: This site is now live at

Starting small can lead to great things! The original Friends of the Miners Memorial Heritage Park continues to operate at

When this site matures, it will replace the former content at the former site.

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Today, it’s important to solicit community comments on the proposed Miners Memorial Heritage Park Comprehensive Plan going to the Ironwood City Commission this fall.

Leave comments where you have ideas to discuss. Let’s keep it civil. We’re all interested in the future of Ironwood, we all need to be heard, but not abused,

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