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August 19, 2015

A Friends of the Miners Park Look at the Survey

The August 17 public meeting presented an overview of the City’s MMHP Survey results. The City’s Constant Contact Survey Results were distributed by the City via email and were available at the meeting.

The Friends of the Miners Park also spent time looking at the results. Columns are added on the right to help with the analysis of the survey.

Everyone is invited to download and look at our analysis, and comment.  Continue reading “A Friends of the Miners Park Look at the Survey”

Aug 17 MMHP Planning Presentation

On Aug 17th, Paul Kostelnik, President of the Friends of the Miners Park, briefed the status of the MMHP Comprehensive Plan to a public meeting at the Ironwood Memorial Building hosted by Michael Brown, Ironwood Community Development Director.

The Friends of the Miners Park Handout can be viewed and downloaded here.

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Today, it’s important to solicit community comments on the proposed Miners Memorial Heritage Park Comprehensive Plan going to the Ironwood City Commission this fall.

Leave comments where you have ideas to discuss. Let’s keep it civil. We’re all interested in the future of Ironwood, we all need to be heard, but not abused,

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