Miners Memorial Heritage Park

Promoting nature, history & silent recreation in Ironwood, MI


September 15, 2015

The Friends of the Miners Memorial Heritage Park, the Western U.P. Trail Association and the Western U.P SnowShakers – GRTA agreed in August to mark and sign trails, establish a park speed limit, and set motorized trail hours in the Miners Park for designated trails.

Also note the Landfill Fence Trail (in yellow) does not exist. The walking trail past the Old Cottonwood tree is not open to ORVs as the tree’s root system is very shallow and susceptible to damage.

150914 ORMTR FInal Map (annotated)

Friends of the Miners Park Annual Meeting

Time for the Friends of the Miners Memorial Heritage Park Annual Membership Meeting!
Tuesday September 22nd at 6:30pm.
Come join us at Tacconelli’s Downtown for a review of a busy year, the election of officers for the next year, approval of changes to our bylaws and a peak at what we have planned for the next year. Hope to see you there!

The Friends of the Miners Park had a busy year.

▪ A great Candlelight Snowshoe & Ski last December.
▪ Our first SISU snowshoe race in January.
▪ Supporting the Smithsonian’s “The Way We Worked” exhibit in Ironwood, with an archeology day uncovering the Aurora “A” mine and invasive species removal.
▪ Providing a Pabst “H” presentation, a Miners Park history on-site presentation and a guided Miners Park guided tour for the U.P. History Conference in June.
▪ Teaming up with our new partner, H.O.P.E. Animal Shelter, conducting planning meetings, conducting a BBQ for their Hound Dog Hike, raising money for our joint Dog Park in June.
▪ Working on and conducting meetings as we prepare the Miners Park Comprehensive Plan due this fall.

Elections, Special Committees & Bylaw Changes Continue reading “Friends of the Miners Park Annual Meeting”

Neighborhood Listening Sessions Begin

First weekly neighborhood listening session at Tacconelli’s Thursday Sep 17 6:30pm

The Friends of the Miners Memorial Heritage Park announce the first weekly neighborhood listening session to discuss what Ironwood residents, businesses and organizations would like the Miners Park to become. The first session is aimed at downtown residents, businesses, civic organizations and is scheduled for Thursday, September 17, 6:30pm at Tacconelli’s banquet room in downtown Ironwood.

The Miners Park extends from Alfred Wright Boulevard on the west to Easy/Bonnie Street on the east. Ironwood residents living north of the Miners Park from the state-line east to the Industrial Park are invited to attend this listening session. The Friends of the Park are also scheduling Listening Sessions for the Industrial Park and Jessieville Location, Aurora Location and Norrie Location. Continue reading “Neighborhood Listening Sessions Begin”

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