150619 AitMP2016 Trail Marker Map
June 19 – Art in the Miners Park 2016 Site Selection Map

Sites 5 to 7  –  Sites 8 to 9  –  Sites 10 to 13

Pick up a stake, claim your spot, let us know where you want to install your art in June.

Numbered trail site markers are installed around the Aurora Loop (the same trail we used in 2014).

There are lettered stakes at the trailhead at 775 E. Ayer St.

Pick up a stake, claim your spot on the trail for your art installation in June.

You can plant your reservation stake anywhere along the trail.  Please keep a respectable distance from other reservation stakes! We may ask artists to move locations.

Email or message your selection to Paul Kostelnik

Download 2016 Artist Application here

Complete the 2016 Artist Application online

Site 1 – Available

A wide open field viewable from two trails.

Site 2 – Available – 

A niche in the woods with a boulder on the football side of the trail.

Site 2.5 – Stake A – Amanda Szot
Site 3 – Available – Coordinate location with Amanda Szot at Site 2a
Site 4 – Available

A lightly wooded area.

Sites 5 to 7  –  Sites 8 to 9  –  Sites 10 to 13