The money raised by this fundraiser will be spent on assisting our community to organize, participate in and enjoy Art in the Miners Park 2017 

Art in the Miners Park 2016 is a summer long outdoor art exhibition on a one mile walking trail at the Miners Memorial Heritage Park in Ironwood.

For 2016 we had interactive and historic exhibitions. For 2017 we want to open Art in the Miners Park for full community participation. Individuals, community groups, organizations and businesses are invited to:

– bring in kid’s groups to identify trees, conduct nature scavenger hunts, learn about out mining heritage

– conduct music, storytelling, and art events at the Aurora Pond

– hold nature and public art appreciation and photography classes

– conduct dog walk, sports health & exercise, and outdoor gear demonstrations

The opportunities for our active, connected, collaborative people to participate are endless.  Continue reading “Let’s make Art in the Miners Park 2017 a summer long community event!”