Miners Memorial Heritage Park

Promoting nature, history & silent recreation in Ironwood, MI


November 21, 2016

Reservation Stakes & Maps available for Art in the Miners Park 2017


Reserve your site for Art in the Miners Park 2017. Stakes & maps are located at the trailhead on Ayer St.

Pick up a stake and twine and locate your favorite site on the Art in the Miners Park 2017 trail.

Bring along a piece of twine to tie your stake to a tree or branch if necessary.

After you report your site, your claim will be added to the current map. Claiming a site makes you The Landowner of the visible trail to the left and right. Other artists will need your approval to install art within line-of-sight of your stake.

The latest info on Art in the Miners Park 2017 will be found here and on the Friends of the Miners Memorial Heritage Park Facebook

Snowshoeing Starts in the Miners Park

Snowed last weekend, more snow this week.

Snowshoe the Miners Park with new maps and signs.

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