June 19 – Art in the Miners Park 2016 Site Selection Map

Sites 1 to 4  –  Sites 5 to 7  –  Sites 8 to 9  –  Sites 10 to 13

The first step is to make your reservation.

Stake your favorite spot. Then phone, text or email
• Artist name
• Reservation Stake #
• Between Trail Markers # & #
• Location Photo
• Email address
to the Friends of the Miners Park: 906/932-1787 FriendsofMMHP@gmail.com
Reserved locations are staked, marked, photographed for each site. You can see your reserved and available locations online at Site Selections
Reply to the confirmation email to confirm your site and you are participating.

Once confirmed:

1. You can begin working on your location. We trust your art pieces will be family friendly, environmentally sensitive and visitor safe. The Art in the Park Committee can work out details with you and provide assistance as we prepare for opening day.

2. We’ll provide you with an application to get your particulars. What we’re especially interested in is your story (a bit of a resume, a bit of your motivation) and your art’s story (concept, purpose, materials, inspiration, a drawing, etc.). We’re looking to promote you and the Miners Park throughout the summer.

Art in the Miners Park 2016:

▾ Exhibition Schedule

• Art in the Miners Park opens June 25, 2016.

• Miners Park visitors will vote on their favorite art from Saturday, June 25 through Friday, July 15.

• The awards will be announced during Festival Ironwood on Saturday, July 16, 2016.

• The exhibition will continue through the Gogebic County Fair, August 25-28, 2016.

▾ Installation Schedule

• Installation can begin anytime after May 15 provided the Art in the Park Committee has confirmed your reservation.

• Request assistance if needed for installation. If a vehicle is needed to bring items to the site, schedule this with the Art in the Park Committee. The trail is non-motorized, except for installing and taking down your art.

• Many Miners Park visitors return to enjoy the art during the summer and bring visiting relatives.  Your art may be removed after coordinating with the Art in the Park Committee anytime after July 17.

▾ Artist Awards

• Public Vote (Minimum prizes): $3,000 – 1st $1,000, 2nd $500, 3rd $250, 4-12 $125.

• The Art in the Park Committee may negotiate a Special Award with artists to maintain their art in the Miners Park long term prior the award ceremony on July 16.

▾ General

• We are looking for original outdoor art created after Jun 1, 2015.

• Anyone can apply to participate. Parents’ permission is required if any participants are under 18. If a group includes children less than 18 yrs, an adult must supervise the group.

• Materials are open to the artist; however, they should be described in the application.

• Art pieces must be family friendly, environmentally sensitive and visitor safe.

• The Art in the Miners Park Committee, the Friends of the Miners Memorial Heritage Park, and the City of Ironwood are not responsible to damage that may occur to art pieces or injuries in constructing the art pieces. The Miners Park is an open, public park with a potential for vandalism. The Friends of the Miners Park will conduct daily tours of the art trail to identify any problems.

Looking forward to your confirmations and questions.

Paul Kostelnik
President, Friends of the Miners Memorial Heritage Park
347 W Ash St
Ironwood, MI 49938

Call 906/932-1787