June 19 – Art in the Miners Park 2016 Site Selection Map

Sites 1 to 4  –  Sites 5 to 7  –  Sites 8 to 9  –  Sites 10 to 13

The first step is to make your reservation.

Stake your favorite spot. Then phone, text or email
• Artist name
• Reservation Stake #
• Between Trail Markers # & #
• Location Photo
• Email address
to the Friends of the Miners Park: 906/932-1787 FriendsofMMHP@gmail.com
Reserved locations are staked, marked, photographed for each site. You can see your reserved and available locations online at Site Selections
Reply to the confirmation email to confirm your site and you are participating.

Once confirmed: Continue reading “Confirm Your Site Selections for Art in the Miners Park 2016”