The Aurora location listening session for the Miners Memorial Heritage Park Master Plan

Scheduled for Thursday, October 8 , 6:30pm at Manny’s Restaurant and Lounge. This is the last scheduled Miners Park listening session. All area residents are welcome to attend and comment.

Why Listening Sessions?

The Miners Park listening sessions are conducted to discover what area residents, businesses and organizations would like the Miners Park to become. Community comments will help design the future Miners Park.

The Ironwood 2014 Comprehensive Plan says the Miners Memorial Heritage Park is “the amazing resource that has the potential to be a regional and national draw for new residents and tourists alike.”

We want community input!

The discussion will focus on neighborhood access to the Miners Park and initiatives to make the Miners Park reflect local neighborhoods and heritage.

Paul Kostelnik of the Friends of the Miners Park said “We’ve collected a lot of ideas for the Miners Park. Too many to cover in a one hour listening session. I invite residents to check out the ideas and issues we’re considering for the Miners Park Master Plan and make your comments at the neighborhood meetings.” .

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The first hour of listening sessions will be dedicated to comments from neighborhood residents. Kostelnik added: “We will present a few slides covering neighborhood issues to guide the discussion in the first hour, then open up the floor to all area residents for as long as people want to speak.”

The Friends of the Miners Memorial Heritage Park is a non-profit corporation designated by the City of Ironwood to guide the development and maintenance of the Miners Memorial Heritage Park and develop the Miners Park Master Plan. The Friends of the Miners Park can be reached at 906/932-1787.