Time for the Friends of the Miners Memorial Heritage Park Annual Membership Meeting!
Tuesday September 22nd at 6:30pm.
Come join us at Tacconelli’s Downtown for a review of a busy year, the election of officers for the next year, approval of changes to our bylaws and a peak at what we have planned for the next year. Hope to see you there!

The Friends of the Miners Park had a busy year.

▪ A great Candlelight Snowshoe & Ski last December.
▪ Our first SISU snowshoe race in January.
▪ Supporting the Smithsonian’s “The Way We Worked” exhibit in Ironwood, with an archeology day uncovering the Aurora “A” mine and invasive species removal.
▪ Providing a Pabst “H” presentation, a Miners Park history on-site presentation and a guided Miners Park guided tour for the U.P. History Conference in June.
▪ Teaming up with our new partner, H.O.P.E. Animal Shelter, conducting planning meetings, conducting a BBQ for their Hound Dog Hike, raising money for our joint Dog Park in June.
▪ Working on and conducting meetings as we prepare the Miners Park Comprehensive Plan due this fall.

Elections, Special Committees & Bylaw Changes

The entire Leadership Team is up for election.

Send your nominations to FriendsofMMHP@gmail.com and/or make nominations at the Membership Meeting:
The President
A. shall act as an official spokesperson of the Friends and chief liaison to the public and to local units of government.
B. Preside at all meetings, voting only in case of a tie.
The Vice-President
A. shall act as president in the absence of the president; and in the event of the president’s resignation or incapacity to serve.
B. Chair – Fund Development Committee: Organize annual and/or special fundraisers, pursue grants, seek endowments.
The Secretary
A. shall be the custodian of all records of this association, other than financial.
B. Chair – Membership Committee: Maintain a membership list and produce a quarterly newsletter to keep membership informed.
The Treasurer
A. shall be the custodian of all financial records of this association.
B. Chair – Finance Committee: Develop quarterly and annual budgets.
Chair – Volunteers Committee:
A. Recruit, retain, coordinate and recognize volunteers.
Chair – Publicity Committee:
A. shall serve as the main media contact regarding the MMHP.
Chair – History Committee:
A. Research, map and promote the history of the Miners Park.
Chair – Trails Committee:
A. Design, clear, construct, and maintain a network of historic and non-motorized trails.
Chair – Activities Committee:
A. Organize educational, recreational, and social activities for people of all ages, from preschoolers to senior citizens.

Active Members are encouraged to serve on the standing or special committees

Special (ad hoc) committees are created as needed and designated duties as necessary.
The current special committees are:
1) Planning – Chair: Paul Kostelnik – Duties: Coordinate and produce the MMHP Comprehensive Plan for the City of Ironwood.
2) Dog Park – Chair: Alan Lawrence – Duties: Create plans for, and coordinate activities to create a Dog Park in the MMHP in coordination with H.O.P.E. Animal Shelter.
3) Monarch Garden – Chair: Sharlene Shaffer – Duties: Create plans for, and coordinate activities to create a Monarch Garden in the MMHP.
4) Art in the Miners Park – Chair: Paul Kostelnik – Duties: Create plans for, and coordinate activities for Art in the Miners Park 2016.

Changes to the FMMHP bylaws.

The board has recommended approval to the following changes “in quotes” to the FMMHP bylaws:
Add to Article III, Section 1 – Conduct of Meetings: “Voting on regular business will be conducted by officers and committee chairs. Meeting notices shall be provided to members by electronic announcements, electronic mail or postal delivery, not less than one week prior to the meeting.” [REMARK: Establishes voting rules and one week notice for regular and annual business meetings.]
Delete from Article III, Section 3 – Regular Meetings: “Notice shall be provided to members, by electronic mail or postal delivery, not less than one week prior to the meeting.” [REMARK: Now redundant.]
Replacing Article IV, Section 1 – Amendments: These bylaws may be amended when necessary by two-thirds majority of the active members present “at an annual” membership meeting. [REMARK: The current bylaws allowed bylaw changes to be made at any regular meeting.]